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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 11, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strengths due to my advanced age is not good for the ministry. the pope will step down as i mentioned february 28th. a conclave of cardinals will gather in march, that's the assumption, to select a successor. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right, bob. thank you very much. right now it's 4:32. good morning to one and all. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check our forecast for this monday morning. what's in store? good morning, christina. >> good morning to you, laura and jon. a cold start to the day. i have great news for everybody who is looking forward to a return of spring. temperatures approaching the 70s. gradual climb each and every
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day. today not too shabby. we'll hit the low 60s. right now it's cold out there. grab your coat. can't wait to break all that good news to you in your full forecast. 4:32. first, let's check your drive. good monday morning, mike. >> one person not so happy. sounds like maybe two people not so happy. this is north 880 approaching the san mateo bridge. 92 itself moves smoothly across the water commute direction with a few taillights but on the map north 880 approaching the interchange two slow lanes blocked. sounds like there are two cars that crashed toward the center divide area. they have the left three lanes blocked. right two lanes -- shift went from left two lanes to right two lanes. slowing approaching the interchange. farther north we have construction southbound 880 where you see slowing heading past the coliseum down toward 98 because of road crews there. no injuries from that earlier crash ands that's better news. we'll watch how it clears. we continue following developing new developments in a
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southern california manhunt. police remain on high alert this morning as a search for a fugitive ex-cop enters week number two. on sunday l.a. police announcing a $1 million reward for any information leading to the capture of christopher dorner. surveillance footage surfaced over the weekend believing to show dorner dumping a helmet and uniform in san diego the morning after his first two suspected murders. they believe dorner is seeking revenge for being fired from the lapd after making false complaints about his training officer. now the police chief says he's reopening that case. >> people think that maybe there is something to what he says. i want to put that to rest. the only way i know how to put that to rest is to review what has already been reviewed at multiple levels. >> officers continue to that search up in the mountains around big bear lake with a cache of weapons and camping
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gear discovered in his burned out truck. a shooting in an unincorporated area near highway 25 and union avenue between san jose and los gatos. sheriff's deputies say a man was shot to death at a home. a second man was shot in the arm and was able to drive himself to the hospital. the men knew each other and they lived in the same home. >> a few officers have come up and not for that long but officers have came to that house. >> investigators are not characterizing this as a homicide yet but they say the investigation is ongoing. also from los gatos, the city council there reconvening tonight to consider the discussions about gun sales in town. hundreds of people gathering last monday night to talk about a new sporting good store.
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opponents think the city should have held a public hearing before approving permits for that store. the store owner says he's following the rules. the debate so heated at some points the owner telling nbc bay area that he's receiving death threats at his home. tonight's meeting will discuss the permit process for gun sales and new gun regulations. this one starts at 7:00 tonight. parents in one peninsula city will get to weigh in on school safety for their kids tonight. the san carlos school district and city's police captain will host a community forum on school safety. school administrators will also take part. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the san carlos library. the man teaming up with bill bratton to help turn around oakland's growing crime problem is laying out some of his ideas. robert wasserman speaking yesterday. wasserman says oakland should move to a neighborhood policing model to try to rebuild trust between officers and the community.
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he also talked about applying something he calls the broken window theory. >> if there's a broken window and someone doesn't fix it, you'll get another one and another one and the whole area will deteriorate which creates a breeding ground for crime. >> wasserman says he plans to hold several more meetings and he will develop a plan to lay out over the next five months. b.a.r.t. is banning riders who don't behave. the transit agency's governing board allows the agency to ban riders who commit certain offenses. it can include from defacing property and urinating in public to fighting with other passengers and shooting. the bans can last anywhere from 30 days to one year depending on the severity of the offense. a community meeting will be held in oakland today to discuss changes which are expected to go into effect in may. san francisco police deciding soon whether it will arm officers with stun guns. the police commission holding the last of a series of public
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meetings on the use of the nonlethal device. it will be held at 6:00 at the bay view opera house and commission members will decide on whether to recommend the plan to the city's board of superv e superviso supervisors. a safety committee delayed the action after receiving negative response from the community. it's so nice. especially considering that massive snowstorm in the northeast. we are talking about a gradual warmup here in california. not just here in the bay area across the state. los angeles is going to be checking in with the 80s by the end of the week. we're talking 70s and you can't beat that this time of year. you'll be able to give your heater a nice lengthy break. 38 degrees to start you out. good morning, san jose. 34 degrees this morning in napa. we're headed toward a really good looking afternoon. today will be one of the cooler days as we head throughout the week. not too bad hitting low 60s.
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by noon today in fact. already touching on low 60s in fairfield and napa. 61 degrees as you break for lunch. we'll be in upper 50s down here in the south bay. take you through the heat of the day. temperatures climbing into the low 60s. 62 degrees in livermore. 62 in gilroy. 61 degrees in san jose. have you made those reservation plans just yet? valentine's day a couple days away. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> our reservation plans ever inouye and i'll probably be the chef. headlights moving smoothly toward the construction zone just past 98. the zone is now clearing. you did see slowing the last time we took a look. it's still there and crews are clearing the area. farther south the northbound side is what we're watching approaching san mateo bridge approaching 92 two right lanes are blocked because of this accident that happened at a crash. no injuries involved there. slowing at the scene but not a
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big deal. a live look across the base. palo alto moves smoothly on 101. menlo park and at the bay bridge no metering lights. that's a good looking commute. two of the busiest streets in san francisco may be keeping steep penalties for traffic violations. double fine zones along the 19th avenue corridor. the law is actually set to expire this year but they want to keep the legislation saying it's lowered the amount of pedestrian fatalities. a $50 ticket for speeding increases to 180. a $500 ticket for reckless driving goes up to $2,400. . the department of interior
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has made pinna arcpinnacles natk as a monument. more rumors at apple this morning. see why steve jobs one more thing may be something entirely new for the company. stranded out at sea. thousands on a cruise ship stuck off the coast of the u.s. this morning. recovery starts today for olympic skier lindsey vaughn. what doctors are saying about her weekend surgery.
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welcome back, everyone. a good monday morning to you. a live look outside. that's the hp paf vilion in san jose. tournament director says the hp p pavilion single court setup is not ideal for the tournament. it began in 1989 in monterey and moved to san francisco and berkeley before ending up in san jose in 1994.
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one of the bay area's tech companies are selling shares this morning. for details on that and rest of the news before the bell, let's send things over to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good monday morning, courtney. >> happy monday morning to you as well. futures are higher. the nasdaq and s&p 500 posted six straight weekly gains to start the year. last time s&p did that was back in 1971. the dow, however, broke its five-week winning streak. there's no economic data today but we get reports on retail sales, import prices and consumer sentiment. dow rising 49 points on friday to 14,992. nasdaq adding 28 to 3193. google chairman eric schmidt is cashing in. he's filed to sell roughly 42% of his stake in the internet search giant which could net him $2.5 billion. the sale will be spread out over the year to reduce the market
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impact. google wouldn't comment on why schmidt is selling. he was google ceo for ten years before handing the reigns to co-founder larry page in 2011. apple is working on a watch-like device that has the feature of a smartphone. "the new york times" says the wearable device is in experimental phase with you could be used to make mobile payments. apple discussed the project with a company working on technology for wearable devices. it's like a flashback from childhood cartoons. >> have a good one. we'll talk to you later. >> we're always up for sunshine too. i think we're going to get some this week. >> we are. more people in the bay area like the warm than the cold. >> i'm one of those. >> it's hard to tell. you can't please all the people all the time. last week we pleased the cold people.
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temperatures throughout this week are going to climb. if you are looking for mild, sunny days, we've got them all week long. big ridge of high pressure building in. that's good news. we're getting to the point where we're getting concerned about the deficit we're running when it comes to average rainfall totals. hopefully we'll get storm systems. i'm checking 15 days out. nothing significant. in fact, all we see are warm afternoons. 38 degrees in san jose to start. 31 in gilroy. 36 to start in santa cruz. i want to point out we don't have reduced visibility just yet but more problematic as we head throughout the next couple hours expecting some coastal fog as we head throughout the morning. here is our weather maker. all week long this big ridge stays put. we call it a blocking ridge because it blocks storm systems from getting into the bay area and takes them way to the north and for us that means high pressure is going to keep things nice and dry. we're also going to see that santa ana wind set up down south and that means l.a. is going to be in the 80s as we continue into winter. we're about a month away now
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from the official start of spring, which will be march 20th. temperatures today will be kind of mild. kind of cool for the first part of the day. by 4:00, you can take off that sweater and enjoy the sunshine. 62 in livermore. 65 for santa rosa today and 61 degrees in san francisco. as we head throughout lover's day we hold onto warm conditions and friday if you have to work thursday, you can't take your sweetie pie out and about, take her to the beach on friday or him because it's going to be down right perfect. all weekend long holding onto that unseasonably warm weather. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:48. authorities are investigating a helicopter crash that killed three people in california. the passengers aboard were recording video for a new reality tv show set to air on the discovery channel. the network says the military themed show has not yet been announced and use of the helicopter was included in the shooting permits. the chopper went down early sunday in a rural area on a
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ranch in the northern part of l.a. where the reality show was being shot. happening right now, thousands of passengers aboard a carnival cruise ship remain stranded in the gulf of mexico. the triumph and 4,000 passengers are stuck off mexico's yucatan peninsula. a fire in the ship's engine room yesterday morning caused the ship to lose propulsion power and it's running on energy backup power and needs to be towed to shore. that won't be fun. carnival sent another ship out there to try to help resupply the triumph there. the ship was supposed to return to port in galveston, texas, sometime today. president obama will address the nation tomorrow in his state of the union address. in his speech the president is sure to urge congress to prevent automatic cuts next month. he's also expected to push for gun control, clean energy and immigration reform but the white house says he'll focus on middle class jobs.
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>> i hope to be able to hear from the president in the state of the union that he wants to join us in trying to effect much smarter cuts in spending. >> the results could be a huge blow to middle class families and our economy as a whole. all our economic progress could be put at risk. >> after tomorrow's address, president obama hits the road with his plan for the budget and ideas to stimulate the economy starting in north carolina on wednesday. u.s. olympic ski champion lindsay vaughn right now is recovering from surgery. yesterday doctors operated on her right knee repairing two shredded ligaments and they also worked on a fractured bone. the four-time world cup champion you can see here took a nasty spill during an event last week in austria. vaughn at this point remaining hopeful she'll recover in time to participate in the 2014 winter olympics in sochi, russia. just to report that supposedly she and tiger woods are dating and reports are that tiger sent
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his private jet to pick her up to fly to surgery. >> that's nice. >> chivalry is not dead. >> we also have highlights from the grammy awards. did you catch it? they're coming up. >> good looking show. plus, ringing in the lunar new year. the unique performance to celebrate the year of the snake. >> wow. not quite so much sparkle but glistening lights for the south bay. we're talking trafficwise about the headlights north 280. talk about the south bay coming up.
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welcome back, everybody. we take you live to vatican city where a major announcement came down today. pope benedict xvi announcing he's stepping down as of february 28th. he's emphasizing that carrying out the duties and rigorous schedule was too much for his health. the pope is 85 years old. making a move well news resonating all over the world. we'll continue to have more information on this one as it comes in. it's 4:54 right now. changing stories, a 6-year-old show dog from danville wrapping up his career at the westminster dog show. people love this one. the pooch is named max and he's wracked up so many victories he's the nation's number one standard schnauzer for 2012.
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he won 38 working group last year. this will be his last time at the westminster competition competing over 2,700 dogs. you have the treadmill going with the little legs. a bowl of food there. 2,700 dogs from all over the country compete in this one and some of them will travel abroad. good looking stuff there. >> want to go outside and sniff like another dog? >> it's tough being on top of your game like that. people all over the bay area celebrating the lunar new year this morning. >> they gathered in san francisco yesterday to welcome the year of the snake. >> a couple firecrackers. >> china town was mobbed with so many people out there. shoppers getting ready for the large traditional meals and celebrations that will run the next few weeks. in china, people watched as iron was thrown against a cold ball. the sparks burst into the night sky which looks like fireworks. it's a traditional performance
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that has taken place for more than 500 years. the year of the black water snake lasts until january 31st of next year. >> that's an awesome spectacle. 4:55 right now. mike, what's happening on the roads? >> over here you have so many areas where we can't have sparklers. i don't think we get to throw molten iron at any cold medal. the flow south 880 moves smoothly past the truck scales with a few headlights. let's catch up with these folks heading through milpitas. no overnight road crews. we do see slowing. it's all of the way into mountain view. south bay in general moving smoothly. north bay with very few headlights. no problems. back to you. >> thank you very much. did you catch it? biggest awards in music handed out last night at the 55th
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edition of the grammy awards. quite a variety of winners this year. >> good time had i go fun. pop group taking home best new artist and song of the year honors for the hit "we are young." then there was record of the year for "somebody i used to know." haunting and cool song and a great show walking away with album of the year for "babble." two years in a row a british musician won that award after last year's performance by adele. >> there's a few of us out there and grammys have opened their arms to us and we're very grateful. >> other winners included black keys, and carrie underwood. >> very cool. local flavor. justin timberlake put on a cool performance. check it out if you haven't seen
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it. 4:57. we continue covering breaking news out vatican city where pope benedict xvi announce he's stepping down. we'll have live and local national reaction coming up.
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that breaking news from the vatican this morning where pope benedict xvi announced just a short time ago he will step down from his position at the end of this month. >> it is monumental and rare. this is the very first time in nearly 600 years a pope has stepped down. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with details on the surprising announcement and reaction from bay area catholics. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. surprise announcement made by the vatican just two days before ash wednesday, the start of the lenten season. the surprise that will catch many catholics waking up this morning here in the bay area by surprise. off guard. even people in the vatican did
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not know the pope would make this announcement. pope benedict xvi announcing he'll step down on february 28th after eight years as the supreme pontiff stepping down because of health reasons. make ing him the first pope to resign his position in almost 600 years. his brother told a german news agency that he had been considering a resignation for months because of failing health. he's tired. it's become much more difficult for him to walk. recently one of his doctors advised that he stop taking transatlantic trips. now, a statement from the pope just released by the vatican reads in part and i'm quoting here, in order to govern the bark of saint peter and proclaim the gospel both strength of mind and body are necessary. strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the extent that i have to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me. that's the end quote. statement being released by pope benedict this morning. ne


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